Ping-Pong Massage In KK

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Ping-Pong Massage In KK? Locally known as ‘Urut Batin‘ or ‘Rawatan Batin‘, Ping-Pong Massage are nothing more than genital massages – thus the tagline, “Ping-Pong” massage – and is said to be widespread in peninsular Malay­sia.

KOTA KINABALU: Men who frequent joints to get a Ping-Pong Massage claim it helps improve their sexual prowess. The authorities, however, frown upon these so-called male sexual enhancement services and are in no mood to be part of the game. The so-called enhancement therapy involves female masseuses massaging the genitals of male clients for about RM50 for 30 minutes. Operators offering such services claim it is a treatment for erectile dysfunction.

Traditional and Complementary Medicine Practitioners Association of Sabah president Datin Dorothea Justin Moduying said they had received many letters and e-mails about massage parlours in the city providing such “services”. As far as we are concerned, urut batin is a form of abuse”.

She said the association brought up the matter with the Sabah office of the Health Ministry’s traditional and complementary medicine division. Sabah police commissioner Datuk Hamzah Taib said action would be taken against those who operate businesses that involved vice activities.

Local authorities must also do their part by ensuring that conditions and rules in the licences of premises are strictly adhered to” he told The Star yesterday.

Source: The StarOnline

- Ping-Pong Massage In KK

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